This is a beautiful world. I invite you to share my delight in what I chose to photograph, either because I found it visually precious enough to conserve the beauty of the moment, or because I imagined it differently from its day-to-day appearance and invented another look or sense for it, or, most of all, because I hope that your spirit might also be lifted by sharing my experience.

Artistic Expression

I am inspired by a variety of photographic subjects, among others: the built environment; architectural detail; the night; water; abstracts and musical event portraiture. I absolutely love a satisfying composition and the interplay of patterns and contrasting elements in a scene.

Who am I?

I grew up in Edinburgh and my photography reflects a diverse background, which includes Jewish, French and Scottish roots. I studied and became passionate about the visual arts, particularly admiring the Dutch masters, French Impressionists and Japanese Ukiyo-e painters. Since adolescence, I have pursued my artistic expression via photography. A decade ago, my transition to digital photography coincided with a move to New York. The combination of new technology, membership in the ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) and the NUJ (National Union of Journalists, UK) plus inspiration from further education and other photographers generated a leap in creativity that drives me today.

I have exhibited regularly in Paris, as well as the USA and have won Fine Art recognition in several prestigious competitions. I am now resident in Paris, pursuing my passion for Fine Art photography.

Thank you for taking a moment to share these joys with me.


Paul Grayson