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Pyramide du Louvre

Pyramide du Louvre

A glittering cut diamond sits in the deepening cold and dark, of a winter’s night, protecting access to pharaonic treasures. Darting lights well up from the caverns below, creating an enormous crystal to lift the spirit and remind us of Babylonian, Mayan and Egyptian monuments to their deities. Do we worship art, or does the awesome beauty in nature and man’s works remind us that where there is creativity, there is a creator? Seen dimly behind is yet another, less well known Arc de Triomphe in praise of Napoleon’s battle of Austerlitz, a reminder that the beauty of these works long outlives the ephemeral lives of their sponsors and makers.

This image sale is under the copyright terms of the Louvre, which requires a fee for the right to sell an image of the I M Pei Pyramide. If you wish me to obtain a quote for you, I will contact the Louvre. Their fee will increase the price of my usual Fine Art terms.

Shown Exhibition « Unity » USA, 2013