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Pyramide du Louvre   "Paul Grayson" AMDG Photeinos φωτεινος

Pyramide du Louvre (7) : See "Louvre" collection

I huddled into layers and layers of clothing on a bitterly cold, sparkling night to photograph the masterworks of the original Louvre and the new Pyramid together. In the 1850’s the Pavillon Richelieu was seen by many as an overdone, tasteless construction for a megalomaniac sponsor, Napoleon III. Prior to being built in the 1990’s, I thought the Pyramid was going to be a tragic mistake. Luckily the French still have flair, daring and a (mostly) unerring aesthetic sense. So, despite ancient and modern controversies, the results combined to create one of the most engaging architectural contrasts in the world, which dazzles by day and glows by night, while providing perfect functional benefit to visitors to the museum.